Accent and Pronunciation Training




People didn’t ask you to repeat yourself ?
Your presentations were clear and confident?
You actively participated in meetings and conversations?
You got your point across easily to others?


Pronunciation and accent training may help get you there!


Accents are a natural part of speaking a language. Some accents reflect regional differences, such as a Canadian vs. an Australian accent. Some are a product of learning English as a second (or third!) language: the sounds of your mother tongue are influencing your spoken English now. 

Your accent is NOT a negative indicator of your intelligence, your language proficiency, or your success. It’s quite the opposite: it shows that you speak more than one language! Even still, a strong regional or foreign accent can make some speaking situations difficult. You may be less active in meetings at work, or sit back in social interactions.

We design your unique course based on your specific sound patterns. The focus is on clear and accurate pronunciation of the sounds that will make the biggest difference to your speech. You will also practice voice projection, short presentations, role playing, and live and recorded conversation, which make the course and your home practice relevant for you.

We track and measure your progress throughout the program. At the end, you also receive a recording of your your pre- and post- speech samples.

Want to improve your communication and confidence in speaking situations?

We can help!

Employers: The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides financial support for employers to invest in training for their workforce. Click here to view the elements of the program and an application form.



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Note: Accent Modification is sometimes referred to as, “Accent Reduction” or “Accent Neutralization”.